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What is PointClickCare? PointClickCare is a web-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution for long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) organizations, including skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), assisted living communities (ALCs), continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), independent living communities (ILCs), home health agencies (HHAs), and hospices.

Founded in 1995 by Dave and Mike Wessinger, PointClickCare is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. And with over 1,500 employees and more than 19,000 customers across the US and Canada, it is now the most popular option for nursing home software or long-term care EHR. 

PointClickCare prides itself on helping long-term and post-acute care providers securely store, share, and access resident health information in their cloud-based system. The software provides a digital version of a patient or resident’s medical history and includes information such as medications, allergies, and past medical procedures. Like any EHR, it is a senior living software that can be used by long-term care providers to track their residents’ health status and to provide treatment plans according to the specified care plan.

By using PointClickCare’s long-term care EHR software, providers can optimize workflows, improve staff communications and resident engagement, and drive quality outcomes across the continuum of care. With a long-term goal of setting a new standard for care coordination and communication between providers, PointClickCare can be adapted to fit the needs of any facility.

To learn more about the company, check out this appearance by former president of PointClickCare, Julieann Esper Rainville, on LTC Heroes at the HIMSS22 conference, in which she discussed the future of post-acute care and the technological advances that have been made in elder care software:

Point Click Care EHR Integration with Billing & Finance Systems

Today, the best way to provide coordinated care across an organization is to pair an intuitive EHR system with powerful financial software. Fortunately, Experience Care’s NetSolutions now seamlessly integrates with Point Click Care. EHR integration done in this fashion allows healthcare providers to connect their billing processes to their electronic documentation of care. So medical history, medications, trust fund information, and insurance verification can all be easily shared as necessary.

With the various types of payor information used in the billing process, financial software users need a way to customize billing options. That is why Deborah Murphy, a controller at ActivCare, is glad her organization moved to Experience Care, as she explained in this interview. Here is why she found that pairing Experience Care with PointClickCare’s clinical software is the best option: 

  • Customized payor information
  • Clear census reports with the information necessary for confirming the accuracy of data
  • Easily-generated statements
  • The ability to review and reconcile
  • Census reports that save time for closes
An image showing the benefit of NetSolutions EHR integration with PCC.
Experience Care’s CareMetrics financial dashboard allows long-term care staff to easily analyze best practices through user-friendly analytics.

On account of those advantages, Murphy and her team are saving over 46 hours a month and can rest assured that the data their posting is accurate. Read more here. Billing teams looking for a reputed long-term care software vendor with financial modules, exceptional customer service, and decades of proven trust need not look any further.

Before choosing the best assisted living software for their facility, leaders should ask themselves what is PointClickCare capable of integrating with. The cloud-based service offers data interoperability and integration between many senior living software systems, including those from:

For instance, an assisted senior living facility may not need to use the clinical side of a long-term care EHR as much. In such a case, they could keep the PointClickCare EHR but look for an alternative EHR with exceptional service tracker software, which is essential in assisted living. 

By connecting with these systems and allowing users to leverage a variety of pre-existing solutions, PointClickCare makes it easier for its customers to collaborate and share information quickly and securely, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

Contact us here if you would like to test drive our user-friendly long-term care software.

How EHR Integration Makes PointClickCare Work Smarter

PointClickCare is a top-rated cloud-based EHR solution that helps long-term care providers streamline workflows and improve resident outcomes. Like any EHR, it works smarter and more efficiently when paired with other applications, making it worth looking into EHR integration options for the system. 

After the initial research and learning what is PointClickCare, one must explore the other aspects of electronic documentation that make sense for a particular context. On the clinical side, PointClickCare documentation is powerful and efficient enough to handle most situations. And the fact that it now integrates with Experience Care’s NetSolutions long-term care billing, collections, and financial management systems means that users can have the best of both worlds. 

Experience Care’s customizable software makes billing and trust fund management easier and drastically increases both efficiency and accuracy. Some benefits of using Experience Care’s financial suite, along with Point Click Care EHR integration with Experience Care’s RCM system, include:

  1. Easy to read, customizable financial dashboards with CareMetrics: Experience Care’s CareMetrics financial dashboard allows long-term care staff to easily analyze best practices through user-friendly analytics. No longer do nurses have to rely on the financial department for reports, as the dashboard allows any team member to interpret Accounts Receivable data. This enables owners and administrators to make quicker decisions and allocate resources for staff and infrastructure.
  2. Customized revenue cycle management software: Facilities often prefer to customize the software to fit their unique financial needs. Fortunately, Experience Care’s Revenue Cycle Management can be customized as per facility needs and can process data that it receives from clinical software, such as PointClickCare’s point of care software.  

It should be noted that Experience Care’s RCM system integrates with the rest of Experience Care’s financial suite modules, such as General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, and Payroll. That makes for the following benefits:

  1. Easier billing processes: Experience Care’s advanced search grid makes custom searching and filtering in accounts payable more efficient and intuitive. Further, its billing software is designed in consultation with leaders in long-term care in America, and thus, it comes with a wide range of search options and filters. This means you can save custom search filters for your accounts payable and accounts receivable to get the details you need as soon as you need them. 
  2. General ledger chart of accounts sharing across facilities: A great aspect of Experience Care is its ability to easily support multi-facility accounting activities. For instance, in large organizations with multiple sites, each facility can list its General Ledger (GL) codes, its assets, liabilities, and expenses and share them with other facilities within an organization. If a change is recorded properly, the change will immediately be reflected across the board.
  3. Per Patient Day (PPD) statistics: Experience Care’s financial software enables facilities to manage and track their Per Patient Day (PPD) statistics with ease. PPD is a key metric in the nursing home industry, and it’s vital that facilities have up-to-date metrics to assess resident outcomes accurately.
  4. Using appropriate vocabulary and terminology: Using different vocabulary and terminology can lead to miscommunication between hospitals and long-term care facilities. Experience Care’s software is geared towards hospital terminology, making it easier to integrate with other software systems like PointClickCare. 
  5. Importing ancillary batches to create organized lists: Having a quick and convenient process to import charges for pharmacy, therapy, and other services that can be filtered by descriptions makes it easier for caregivers to search for relevant information. 
  6. Secure patient data: While multiple caregivers need to access patient information at different times, this can make the organization vulnerable to data theft. Integrating PointClickCare’s software with that of Experience Care makes for more secure data sharing while reducing the likelihood of theft thanks to advanced data protection software and limited access to sensitive data. 
Infographic showcasing the benefits of Experience Care's financial long-term care software when integrated with PCC.
Experience Care is an excellent option for those looking to get the most out of PointClickCare’s clinical software and maximize their facility’s financial potential.

Experience Care is an excellent option for those looking to get the most out of PointClickCare’s clinical software and maximize their facility’s financial potential. “With the ease of use of Experience Care’s system, we can have one person doing the job instead of two, so we are saving one position,” said Murphy. “We’ve added two resident trust accounts, and we’ll add two more, knowing we won’t have any problems handling all of that.” Learn more here. You can also watch this short video to see why integrating PointClickCare with Experience Care’s RCM system makes so much sense.

What Is PointClickCare, and Why Integrate It With Other Long-Term Care Software?

So, what is PointClickCare, and why should you consider integrating with other long-term care software systems? PointClickCare is a highly-rated, cloud-based EHR system that empowers long-term care providers to optimize their processes and enhance care outcomes for their residents.

Happy nurse and resident in a facility that has point click care EHR integration with NetSolutions.
Integrating PointClickCare with NetSolutions by Experience Care gives caregivers the best of both software systems, accelerating their processes and improving documentation accuracy. 

Integrating PointClickCare with other long-term care software—such as NetSolutions by Experience Care—can give caregivers the best of both software to accelerate their processes and improve documentation accuracy. 

Experience Care’s financial suite is specifically designed for customized billing in America’s long-term care facilities. Thus, it saves facilities time and money on account of:

  • Use financial dashboards to understand your business easily
  • Customized revenue cycle management software
  • Easier billing processes
  • The sharing of charts of accounts across multiple facilities in General Ledger
  • PPD statistics that can be easily managed and tracked also in GL

By pairing this system with PointClickCare’s clinical nursing home software, long-term care teams can maximize their potential and keep residents happy. 

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