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Like every industry, long term care is going through a period of digital transformation. The adoption of electronic data is gradually expanding as more facilities recognize the advantages of integrating EHR (Electronic Health Record) into their care plan software. Nursing home software is fast becoming a necessary tool for monitoring daily activities, keeping accurate resident records, and improving medication administration. 

nursing home resident looks at a pill that was given to her by an MDS Nurse
eMAR software has become necessary for nursing homes.

In recent times, innovative eMAR software (Electronic Medication Administration Record) has proven to be a particularly useful feature in long term care software, allowing facilities to deliver and administer medication better. But, what is eMAR and how does it benefit the residents and facilities?

In short, eMAR software is an integrated, electronic system that replaces the cumbersome MAR (Medication Administration Records) charts. When it is fully integrated with the facility’s EMM (Electronic Medication Management) technology, it safeguards the process for medication management to include everything from prescription to administration, to monitoring, and auditing, thus providing facilities with a seamless and efficient flow of information. 

What Is eMAR in Healthcare?

CNA Nurse giving a pill to a senior in a nursing home
eMAR in healthcare simplifies the medication process.

The medication process in healthcare is often complicated and laborious. To understand what is eMAR in healthcare, one must look at how eMAR is integrated to fully appreciate the benefits of eMAR in nursing computer software. 

So what is eMAR’s main objective? It aims to distribute medication and treatments safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. The technology documents all medication processes, allowing facilities to track medication-related issues in their long term care software. 

One of the most significant advantages of eMAR is flexibility; resident records are stored on a centralized, electronic system, allowing for easier access among authorized staff. Residents in facilities tend to have multiple medical conditions and therefore require a lot of medication. It is essential that all medical staff can access resident records so they can tailor care to individual residents’ needs. 

Efficient EHR software incorporates a built-in eMAR feature that allows facilities to access real-time charting information. Facility staff can track ePrescribing, clinical decision support, and physician orders. Going paperless also creates an archive of all medical-related issues with better accuracy in charting medications and treatments while making resident medical records instantly available. Because of this, eMAR is fast growing in popularity due to its improved efficiency and reduced medical errors.

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What Is eMAR Nursing?

While eMAR technology can improve a facility’s efficiency by streamlining medication, the vital question to ask is, what is eMAR nursing, and how does eMAR impact the daily activities of nursing?

One of the most inconvenient tasks nurses must do before administering medication is sifting through MAR charts. There is often a mountain of illegible notes to decipher or missing information, which is frustrating, time-consuming, and can easily lead to medical errors with fatal consequences. 

nurse using emar software to maximize profitability
eMAR nursing allows a more stress-free work environment for nurses.

Effective eMAR software, meanwhile, eliminates paper-based charts, therefore, improving access to legible resident data. Another advantage of eMAR is the improved working experience for nurses and facility staff. 

Working in a long term care facility is particularly stressful, often leading to staff burnout. To make matters worse, the current staffing crisis is exacerbating the problem as the current nurse to resident ratio is very high. Nurses are often overloaded with residents. That is why incorporating eMAR that makes resident records more structured, better organized, and easily accessible means they can perform their daily duties more quickly and efficiently, therefore decreasing stress and improving job satisfaction.

Still, critics of eMAR find themselves asking: what is eMAR, what are the benefits of eMAR, and what is eMAR in healthcare? Does eMAR really improve efficiency and workflow? In response, it must be said that eMAR has the potential to improve real-time charting, note sharing, and organizing care plans. However, the software needs to be fully integrated when sufficient eMAR medication training, so facility staff can make the most of the nursing home EMR software. Having more transparency and effortless access to data helps facilities to improve workflow, resulting in lower staff turnover. 

What Is eMAR and Is It Worth the Investment?

Immediately following the question “what is eMAR?” comes the question “is it worth the investment?” The short answer to the latter is yes. Critics of eMAR may argue that it is an unnecessary expense. However, those with a great deal of experience in long term care know that they must be able to efficiently coordinate the smooth running of multiple services, from medication administration to assisting with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) to organizing social activities and cooking delicious meals. 

Nurse using kardex to determine medicine dosages
eMAR technology allows long term care facilities to maximize profitability.

Only through an effective nursing home charting software can facilities maximize efficiency and achieve better outcomes for residents. While eMAR technology can be expensive, the advantages far outweigh the negatives. Experience Care’s eMAR software eliminates paperwork and redundant processes, thus reducing errors, instances of non-compliance, and time spent. Along with its pre-configured workflows and tailored care plans, the software is worth the investment, saving facilities time, money, and stress. 

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