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We’re happy to announce a new and improved referral portal from Experience Care, ReferralCare, a powerful tool that makes the pre-admissions process a whole lot easier. Plus, it will help you get your organization to the top of the lists of preferred providers!

What is ReferralCare?

ReferralCare is an efficient referral management software tool that connects clinical liaisons and care coordinators in long-term care with hospitals and other referral sources.

A diagram of Experience Care's referral portal, ReferralCare.
Introducing Experience Care’s referral portal, ReferralCare.

Just like a long-term care CRM, ReferralCare gathers crucial information on potential residents, determining the patient’s suitability for a long-term care facility. 

In addition, the referral tool streamlines the data collection process, piecing together the necessary information to ensure financial success, such as:

  • Patient demographics and responsible parties or power of attorney
  • Insurance information
  • Uncommon prescription medications, like vancomycin
  • Diet restrictions and allergies
  • The possibility of safe discharge

DONs, ADONs, and MDS coordinators will now know exactly how to place patients in a suitable environment that can provide the right level of care. 

Get Acquainted with our Referral Tracking Software and Features 

This state-of-the-art referral tracking software program works efficiently to help your team make better decisions. After hearing from users about the potential problems during the referral process—such as a lack of coordinated care and poor documentation, leading to referral errors—we honed in and designed an advanced referral portal-tracking software with features that guarantee smoother and more reliable referrals for long-term care organizations. 

Here’s what you can expect:

Screenshot of Experience Care's referral portal worklist page.
Experience Care’s referral portal, ReferralCare, is a powerful tool that makes the pre-admissions process easier.
  • Enhanced worklist on a single screen to give a quick overview of all referrals, conveniently organizing them into helpful columns
  • Personalized case summary notes attached to each resident file so liaisons can view, add, and assign helpful alerts, documenting important observations and causes of concern
  • Convenient toggle button ensuring users are updated with the latest notifications by the “important” icon 
  • Quick form view that expedites the initial data collection process, speeding up the gathering of important information and allowing users to decide which fields are required to minimize workflow 
  • Integrated cloud-based long-term care CRM system to gather vital patient information, such as patient demographics, medications, and hospital reports, so liaisons can access patient data remotely while assessing a potential resident’s suitability in the facility before admission
  • Advanced reporting and analytics software to give a bird’s eye view of all collected data while forecasting financial outcomes to manage costs and maximize PDPM reimbursements
  • Automated data management technology configurations to save time and money while reducing the overall referral times to 30 minutes or less

The Benefits of our Referral Program App

With so many new features on our referral program app, it is easy to lose sight of how to utilize them. So, let’s take a quick look at the significant benefits our progressive referral portal brings. 

A screenshot of Experience Care's referral tracking software program's new referrals page.
An efficient referral-tracking software program helps long-term care teams to make better decisions.
  • Effective communication between hospitals, providers, and long-term care organizations so liaisons can manage care transitions better using the integrated online referral portal and eDocuments management software programs
  • Efficient referral tracking software, data tracking, and information passing between providers lead to more suitable referrals
  • Streamlined intake processes for accurate evaluations so facilities can meet residents’ care and needs while improving patient outcomes and quality of care
  • Improved ADT, financial, and clinical workflow with enhanced clinical and financial resources to drive appropriate admission decisions
  • The ability to spot “red flags” sooner with the referral tracking system and detailed screening tools, so liaisons can identify important resident information while avoiding acquisitions and incorrect admissions, jeopardizing the facility’s finances and reputation
  • Reduced response times by eliminating phone calls and faxes with the referral program app browser-based system
  • Improved logistical care coordination to view resources more efficiently, leading to increased referral opportunities
  • Eliminating guesswork and phone tag processes using direct secure messaging (DSM) so documentation can be reviewed and updated more accurately
  • Optimized census with comprehensive residents’ records, building stronger referral relationships, higher star ratings, and a healthier community
  • Identifying the perfect fit to align a resident’s need with the facility’s unique specialties, leading to higher ratings, increased referrals, and better quality of care

Learn More About Experience Care’s Referral Portal

A screenshot of Experience Care's referral program app that allows for effective communication between hospitals, providers, and long-term care organizations.
This referral program app provides effective communication between hospitals, providers, and long-term care organizations.

While a lot of long-term care facilities are looking to increase census numbers, it’s just as important to get there with suitable referrals, as facilities must provide the appropriate level of care for all admitted residents. Plus, they need to know they won’t be liable for something they can’t handle. 

That is where a powerful referral portal, like ReferralCare, comes into play by streamlining the pre-admissions process and making it more efficient, reliable, and manageable. 

Click here to learn how ReferralCare can improve your facility’s referral process.