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The most important people in long-term care. You know who they are. Without them, residents would not receive the quality of care they deserve. In fact, without them, long-term care wouldn’t even be possible.

CNAs, LPNs, dietary aids, activity directors, MDS nurses, RNs, and custodians are all members of the Front Line Workers who have shown that they care more about residents than any sort of glory or praise. 

Short Stories From the Front Line highlights caregivers in nursing homes.

Constituting over 65% of all long-term care employees, Front Line Workers are the heart and soul of our industry. Personal sacrifice. Long hours. Caring for elders too weak to fulfill their own daily needs. These dedicated individuals perform jobs that require tremendous strength and perseverance, attributes that not many have. 

Here at LTC Heroes, we believe that they deserve to be celebrated. That’s why we have chosen to highlight them in our newest campaign: Short Stories From the Front Line of Long-Term Care. 

For the next three months, we are dedicating a series of 25-minute live stream slots to nurses and frontline caregivers. This new segment—to be streamed across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Youtube—will feature the CNAs, LPNs, RNs, MDS nurses, and others that you nominate. Whether it be a co-worker at your facility, a sibling, a friend, or even yourself, we want you to help us give these inspiring professionals a platform to share their anecdotes, experiences, and advice.

If you know a front line worker who should be featured on our livestream, please send them this link to help us highlight them today!

There’s so much we want to learn about our Front Line Workers. What do their days look like? How did they end up in LTC? What gives them the inspiration to keep going? Which aspect of their day-to-day activities do they love the most? Is there anything they wish they could change? 

janitor cleaning a hotel floor

From the painful and sad moments to the happy, funny, and proud ones, we hope to provide viewers with an inside look at their daily lives. Let’s laugh, learn, and cry together as we spread stories of the most essential workers in our industry, the real heroes of LTC.