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RehabMart is a leading online medical equipment store, owned and operated by occupational and physical therapists. And it just entered into a partnership with the most intuitive EHR in long-term care, Experience Care’s NetSolutions software. Needless to say, this could have a big impact on the future of the industry and ensure that more seniors are getting the medical equipment they need after transitioning from a facility to their homes.

RehabMart prioritizes competitive prices, excellent customer service, and an extensive range of medical equipment in:

A discharge planner is helping a resident who has been discharged from the facility after ensuring they have been given the medical equipment shopping cart list so they can purchase the items at home via RehabMart.
RehabMart is a leading online medical equipment store, owned and operated by occupational and physical therapists.
  • Physical and occupational therapy products
  • Rehabilitation supplies
  • Medical supplies
  • Hospital equipment
  • Healthcare technologies

What sets RehabMart apart from its competitors is that the company is headed by licensed occupational therapists who have a strong product knowledge base. Therefore, each product is carefully selected and includes relevant product information so customers can make an informed decision when purchasing medical equipment ahead of being discharged from a long-term care facility

The Discharge Process: When a resident is discharged from a facility to their home, the facility discharge planner liaises with different department members—social workers, physicians, nurses, and therapists—to determine the resident’s specific needs and health goals. Next, the discharge planner will review the resident’s medical records—Physician’s Orders, Progress Notes, and Care Plan—to determine what assistance and medical equipment they may need while at home. 

After completing a comprehensive analysis, the discharge planner will need to put together personalized instructions and a customized medical equipment list so that they know what to purchase that gives them the highest chance for full recovery at home. Sometimes, facilities will share Medicare’s Discharge Planning Checklist with residents and caregivers to better equip them to work with the staff when planning their discharge.

The Problem: Care transitions are notoriously difficult for elderly residents and their families because seniors often have multiple chronic conditions and complex therapeutic schedules. 

Meanwhile, discharge planners will typically refer residents to their local Durable Medical Equipment (DME) store with a handwritten list of the medical equipment. This equipment list is often misinterpreted or insufficient because it lacks complete product details, descriptions, and product codes, leading to residents buying incorrect equipment that hinders their recovery while increasing the likelihood of rehospitalization.

When residents are discharged from a facility, they are more susceptible to care breakdowns due to the following contributing factors:

  • Poor communication between the facility and the resident or their caregivers
  • Incomplete discharge information, such as providing insufficient medical equipment details
  • Inadequate discharge education for the resident or their caregivers
  • Limited access to therapist services (speech, physical, or occupational)
  • Absence of a designated person from the facility to ensure continuity of care 
  • Disruption to daily schedules

Failure to create an effective discharge plan will result in adverse resident outcomes and higher rehospitalization rates.

How RehabMart Improves the Process: RehabMart makes it easy for discharge planners to view and select medical equipment items and place them into lists that can be conveniently viewed by seniors and their families. Discharge planners can even compile multiple medical equipment shopping cart lists without overlap or confusion. All that needs to be done is enter the resident’s email address or telephone number, and it will be saved in the shopping cart list for the resident’s file. 

Then, when a discharge planner wants to view what suggested items have been selected, they simply need to enter the resident’s details (email address or number), and the suggested list will be displayed. Furthermore, if other caregivers or departments want to add additional medical equipment items for a discharged resident, they follow the same process and can add items accordingly. 

All that is left is for residents or their families to access this list using a task code that can be emailed or texted. They can then go to to purchase the equipment that they need. These digital lists prevent confusion and miscommunication and make it more likely that residents and their families purchase what they need for home care. 

About RehabMart and RehabMart Reviews

A resident is leaving a facility with the right medical equipment after reading the positive RehabMart reviews and purchasing the items.
RehabMart reviews include praise for the website’s ease of use and the simplicity with which one can buy products.

With over 18,000 products available, it is no surprise that RehabMart has accumulated countless positive RehabMart reviews. Some of the most positive RehabMart testimonials praise the website’s ease of use and simplicity with which one can buy products. One customer, Luiz C, commented, “The buying process was simple and easy, with a customer care team that’s accommodating and attentive; Amy answered all my questions before I bought the product.”

Another customer, Melba C, praised the exceptional customer service and response time. “I ordered a lift sling and sent an email to customer service asking when it would arrive. They responded to me the same day with a delivery date. The customer service was prompt, which I appreciate.”

Meanwhile, Frank G appreciated the inclusion of descriptive product details and instructions. “I received my Savanah Raised Toilet Seat with lid yesterday afternoon. I read all directions, and it was so easy to install. Thank you for making ordering so easy.”

Contact us here to learn more about Experience Care’s collaboration with RehabMart.

The Collaboration Between and Experience Care

To help our customers with the discharge planning process, Experience Care has partnered with RehabMart to offer its online store of on the NetSolutions EHR user interface. By partnering with RehabMart, Experience Care customers can now ensure a smoother transition of care for residents from a long-term care facility back to their homes. 

Now RehabMart’s elaborate medical product guide can help improve the discharge planning process for Experience Care customers, who can simply connect to and compile a customized medical equipment shopping cart list from local DME stores for their discharged residents electronically. 

How does it work? When Experience Care customers (a facility’s discharge planner) electronically log into their account via the facility’s long-term care software and connect with a local DME store, this will give the discharge planner access to all the medical equipment items sold within the store. 

Depending on the resident’s needs, a discharge planner will select multiple items within the DME store to create a personalized shopping cart list for each discharged resident. 

Furthermore, each compiled resident medical equipment shopping cart list is for suggested items only, meaning residents or their caregivers are in no way obliged to purchase them. 

A son is with his mother at home testing the medical equipment that was recently purchased via has partnered with Experience Care’s NetSolutions EHR.

Once the medical equipment shopping cart list is completed, the discharge planner will share the shopping cart list with the discharged residents or their caregivers in one of two ways:

  • The discharge planner will enter the resident’s email address and/or phone number. Then the medical equipment shopping cart list will be sent electronically to the resident’s email address or as a text message. Within the email or text, there will be a set of instructions to guide the discharged resident on:
    • Logging into using their task code
    • Accessing and reviewing their customized medical equipment shopping cart list
    • Purchasing the medical equipment from their customized shopping cart list
  • If a resident prefers a hard copy of their medical equipment shopping cart list—before discharging a resident—the discharge planner can print a PDF copy of the medical equipment shopping cart list for the resident. This will include medical equipment details, such as product details and codes. When the discharged residents go to, they can purchase the correct medical equipment.

If customers need further information about RehabMart processes, they can refer to the RehabMart reviews page to read more about RehabMart customer service and products. 

The Value in Collaborating With RehabMart

By collaborating with RehabMart, Experience Care has drastically improved the discharge planning process and strengthened communication between discharge planners and residents. This powerful program ensures that complete medical equipment details are passed on to discharged residents and their caregivers so that they can purchase the correct equipment to make a full recovery at home. 

Moving from handwritten medical equipment lists to electronic lists gives discharge planners the option to review selected medical equipment items on a resident’s shopping cart list. It also enables the discharged residents to have a hard and soft copy of the recommended medical equipment items, should they misplace the medical equipment list. 

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