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Point of Care Webinars September 2021


September 15th from 4pm – 5pm EST


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    About the Point of Care Webinar

    This demonstration will teach you how to best utilize the most recent updates to this module, whether you are currently using the Experience Care Point of Care system or not. You will be guided by Charles Oliver, our Director of Customer Success, who has nearly two decades of experience as a CNA, nurse, DON, Director of Informatics, and operator. 

    Our new Point of Care will help you:

    • Achieve better outcomes
    • Document more quickly
    • Maximize reimbursements
    • Improve employee satisfaction
    • Train your CNAs to use your POC with minimal training

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

    • Easily select residents
    • Seamlessly document for CNAs, restorative, and activities
    • Save and reload residents as a group assignment
    • Quickly chart for previous days
    • Identify the MDS sections that easily populate
    • Import ADLs for Section G (Medicaid) and Section GG (Medicare) into the MDS
    • Import ADL documentation into MDS 3.0, ADLs, and PDPM for better reimbursements
    • Audit documentation completeness/ accuracy 
    • Communicate and monitor documentation completion and accuracy as manager using dashboard with focus on PoC-relevant KPIs
    • CNA Monthly Shifts Compliance
    • CNA Shifts Compliance
    • Shifts Received Report
    • Set up your Kardex, which will give pop-up alerts for pressing matters

    Speaking of our new electronic Kardex, it has a number of features that facilitate the daily processes of documenting care, such as:

    • A summary screen – You can now view all of the most important information about a resident—from their code status to diet and fluid restrictions—on one page.
    • Daily alerts – When a nurse or nurse aid logs on, you can now show an alert about each resident and ensure everyone acknowledges that alert.
    • An easy-to-fill summary form – This is where you can set priorities and organize things like a cold status DNR, preferred language, today’s dining preference, and bedtimes.
    • A credit history page – This allows you to see all updates related to Kardex. You can also search for alert acknowledgments and see who is responsible for them.

    Join us as we will talk about the latest improvements to our Point of Care and answer your questions.