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Our LTC Heroes Podcast Helps Long-Term Care Facilities Solve Their Toughest Business Challenges

More than just a more configurable EHR solution, NetSolutions aims to be your partner in Education. As a part of our commitment to the industry, we are hosting a podcast twice a week to bring you valuable information to improve your business in an entertaining and easy-to-digest format.

Why a Podcast?

When you’re in the long-term care industry, there’s always a lot to do. Most of us just don’t have time to scour the web for solutions to specific issues, or sit down and read lengthy articles. We created LTC Heroes as a podcast to give long-term care providers an easily accessible format to learn valuable strategies to improve their care and their businesses. Whether you listen in the car, on a walk, or on your lunch break, our goal is to provide you with solutions without adding more work to your to-do list.

What is LTC Heroes About?

The podcast is about making long-term care facilities financially secure, fulfilling places to live and work. There’s a lot that goes into running a smooth and efficient facility that provides the best care possible and we will cover it all.

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This season we will cover topics such as

  • Early warning signs of a failing SNF and how to get it back on track
  • Avoiding legal issues and how to handle litigation
  • How administrators in training can thrive in their new positions
  • What KPIs matter most to a facility’s financial success and how to track the data that matters
  • ISNPs and the move from managed care to new trends
  • Strategies for improving occupancy rates

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Who is This Podcast For?

This podcast is for anyone who works in the long-term care industry. From nurses, to administrators, to facility owners, the topics we cover are broad enough to provide useful strategies for any role, yet specific enough to address the real-world challenges that long-term care facilities face.

Is LTC Heroes just for NetSolutions customers?

No, LTC Heroes is for anyone working in long-term care no matter what software system they use. The NetSolutions team wanted to create a podcast that would reach beyond our customers to help the entire industry.

“I want every person in long-term care to find our content helpful whether they use another EHR provider or ours.”

-Jason Long, NetSolutions CEO

Who is The Host?

Our host, Peter Murphy Lewis is a seasoned public speaker and TV personality. Peter has spoken to more than 5,000 MBA students about marketing in the last 8 years and has his own TV show in Chile of all places. Originally from Kansas, Peter joined the NetSolutions marketing team in 2020 as its director. His voice is on point for what NetSolutions aimed to achieve: authentic, caring, curious, and helpful. We are certain you will agree when you hear Peter interviewing leaders passionate about bringing the long-term care industry to the next level.

Learn more about Peter Murphy Lewis

When Does it Launch? 

Today! LTC Heroes is now available on all of your favorite apps, like Spotify, Apple, Google, you name it.

How Often Will New Episodes be Released?

We will release two episodes per week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

What Guests Are Interviewed on The Show? 

From business consultants, to long-time facility owners, to industry specialists, we interview a wide variety of experts to bring you perspectives you can’t find anywhere else. 

Here are a few samples from our guest list:

  • Preceptors
  • The Assistant District Attorney of Philadelphia
  • Multi-facility owners and operators
  • Long-term care consultants and sales experts
  • Interoperability developers

How Are Guests Selected?

With your help! Send Peter your recommendations about who you want him to interview on upcoming episodes over at