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We’re happy to announce that we have a very exciting summer release featuring, systems and features that will drastically improve interdisciplinary communication in your long-term care EHR, revenue cycle management, and financial management systems! 

Introducing NS7.4.1, a system built based on your requests to meet your needs. 

“Experience Care is very active in seeking out input from their customers, and they actually listen. When there’s a feature we want, they work hard to incorporate it quickly. It can be used as-is, or you can completely customize many areas of the program to suit your company’s needs.”

Erin B. RN and Informatics Specialist

Enhancements and New Features In NetSolutions

After tens of meetings in user groups, in-depth conversations with our customers, and thousands of hours of work we narrowed in on the areas that most needed improvement and delivered substantial changes to our products. You spoke and we listened and are delivering on promises.

“I have worked in a lot of different, content manager rollouts or risk management, and all of that, and it never felt like the organization was listening and helping as much as Experience Care is.” 

Alissa M., Technology Operations Manager

The Best Point of Care System In Long-Term Care

“It’s easy to learn, and there are multiple ways to engage with information.” 

Robin P. an LPN that specializes in Quality Assurance & Infection Control
Experience Care Point of Care System Screenshot

A more advanced Point of Care module, which includes:

  • An embedded Kardex – You can access our new alert system that keeps nurses in the know as to the most urgent and important information about residents right from your Point of Care screen. More on Kardex below. 
  • A worklist – This allows you to immediately see what has and has not been documented.
  • Improved Documentation Reporting – We’ve streamlined the workflow for documentation. You can now select any activity of daily living (ADL) that you want to observe and click on it to ensure it is at the top of the screen and is not overlooked.  
  • Date and Resident Selection – You can view submitted documentation by date and see how a CNA recently provided care for a particular resident or you can view documentation by resident and see what the mood observation for a resident was today.

Training staff was easy, and they were all very excited with the changes, especially how easy it is to use and how organized it is!”

Ayisha B., QA Informatics Records Technician

Our New Kardex System

“The Kardex is awesome. It’s a major step forward. One of my favorite features of it is the ability to sort and filter by each column, which reveals who acknowledged what. That takes some of the CSV exporting out of the equation.”

Trevis C. Director of Infomatrics
Experience Care Kardex System

Every resident has a story that your team needs to know! With our new Kardex system, you can stop printing daily notes for every resident and have everything online.

  • A summary screen – You can now view all of the most important information about a resident—from their code status, to diet and fluid restrictions—on one page.
  • Daily alerts – When a nurse or nurse aid logs on, you can now show an alert about each resident and ensure everyone acknowledges that alert.
  • An easy to fill summary form – This is where you can set priorities and organize things like a cold status DNR, preferred language, today’s dining preference, and bedtimes. 
  • A credit history page – This allows you to see all updates related to Kardex. You can also search for alert acknowledgements and see who is responsible for them. 

For more about the most recent modifications to our Kardex, watch this video with our CEO, Jason Long, and our COO and Director of Product, Gina Barrett

You can also learn more about the summary page as well as how to: add and resolve alerts; start and stop dates; enter preferences, food and liquid restrictions, and ADLs; and other features by watching this demonstration by our clinical support manager, Tonya Thomas.

“The updates and changes have made it possible to use this software comfortably to ensure that the residents are receiving the best care.” 

Melissa R. Director of Health Information Management

New Fixed Assets Module to Save You Money and Time

  • Benefit from bigger tax breaks
  • Automatically flow journal entries directly into the module
  • Manage all of your facility’s fixed assets in one place
  • Spend substantially less time managing your assets
  • Substantially cut down management time on fixed assets
  • Track monthly depreciation
  • Quicker setup with New Master Groups using the General Ledger account codes and depreciation types
  • Suspend assets by putting them on hold
  • Keep track of dates of inactivity

Journal Entries Rethought

“The new Journal Entry screen is much easier to learn, is a much better user experience, and has more functionality than the old Journal Entry screen.”

Megan T. Financial Clerk
Long Term Care General Ledger System
  • A Journal Entry section is now included in the new 10.0.1 version of General Financials
  • Allows you to quickly view and edit Journal Entry notes
  • New and improved grid system with enhanced column filtering and sorting
  • Now features the option to add and view Journal Entry attachments 
  • Improves intuitive workflow and single screen entry, which reduce data entry time and errors
  • Dramatically improves user experience by allowing you to drag and drop columns, apply multiple filters to a single column, and add and edit distributions 

RCM/Billing Dashboard

“I like the process by which nursing information is shared with the accountant. There’s honestly nothing I dislike about [the newest version].”

Janice K., Assistant Controller 
RCM Dashboard 1
  • Improved Billing and RCM capabilities
  • New RCM dashboard that allows you to track your:
    • Aging by category
    • Resident total aging over $10,000 and more than 30 days
    • Aging by payer type
    • Aging alerts
    • Aging of $250 over 90 days
    • Cash receipts by plan
    • AR adjustments by type
    • Census by care level 
    • And more
    • Newly designed resident selection screen to make resident selection faster and easier.
    • Limit retroactivity in accordance with security measures
    • Add a collection note to newly admitted residents to better keep track of contact and transactions with payers

For an illustration of these functions and more, you can view the GF10.0.1 Quick Reference Card

“A lot more efficiencies…billers do not have to do all the thinking to be able to bill accurately. They now find it very easy to use.”

Nanda S. Director of Reimbursement


You might be thinking, “How can I even keep track of all of these new features and updates, let alone utilize them?” To facilitate the implementation of NS7.4.1, we have provided a couple of resources for our users. 

  • NS 7.4.1 Release Notes – In an effort to be completely transparent with our beloved users, we have detailed every revision and enhancement that was made to NS 7.4.1 in one chart
  • NS 7.4.1 Quick Byte General Navigation video – This walks you through the process by which you can sort resident information according to DOB, name, location (like a private room), whether or not they are active, the type of care from which they were admitted, and more. 
  • The Quick Reference Cards  – This provides visual representations of: 
    • Clinicals – You can see where to enter physician orders, attach eAssignments, and add and modify documentation for UDAs.
    • RCM and ADT – These include a monthly census report that displays your PDPM score, the option to exclude voided receipts, a field for resident email addresses, and the option to include those emails in AdHoc Reports.
    • Kardex – How to customize alerts for each resident, the “go” button that gives quick access to resident charts, the tab for “Kardex History,” the color codes for priority status, the quick view of ADLs, and more are displayed in the Quick Reference Card.
    • Point of Care – This representation shows you where you can find easy access to reporting, quick select buttons, how to save resident information, what to click to view submitted documentation by date or resident, how to quickly navigate through residents in your current session, and how to access the new Kardex from your POC module.  
    • Resident Selection – This shows you how to switch between photo and detail list, search columns by SSN or MCR, filter according to the alphabet quickly, and enter text into any column. 

The Classic View – If you decide that you prefer older versions of our software, then we are more than willing to accommodate you. At no point will you lose the privilege of remaining in the version you currently have.

More Quotes From Our Customers!

“I really like how this software allows users to set up their own dashboard. Being able to see everything that I need to know about my residents as soon as I go to my dashboard is very helpful and a time-saver. The software also allows the users to create their own assessments so that each database is personalized for the needs of that particular building. I’ve worked on a couple of other EHRs, and this is the best I’ve used thus far.”

Ayisha B.

“Experience Care’s customer support team is not only top-notch, but is also an extension of our facility.”

Matt Jaros, Director of Information Technology

The price is to my liking, especially as a non-profit facility.” 

Janice K.

Full List of Improvements and New Systems in the NS7.4.1 Release:

ModuleIssue TypeCSR#Release NoteJira#
AccountsEnhancements399577Exclude voided cash receipts from list – Cash Receipts has a new option to “Exclude Voided” receipts. This option defaults to being checked when you enter the receipts screen. It can be unchecked to view all receipts, including voided.NETSOL-3652
Revisions401128Posting batch orders – On the Process Batch Charge Orders page, (Accounts menu > Charge Orders > Process Batch), the post batch process has been updated to improve its performance. You post a batch, after validating it, by clicking the Post button. Posting the batch creates the individual orders in the resident accounts. This process has been streamlined so that very large batches will post more quickly and not time out. In testing, posting a batch of over 50,000 orders now completes in about 2 minutes instead of more than 15 minutes.NETSOL-3905
ADTEnhancements393516Resident selection (NEW design) – Search and filter on multiple columns. Use easy left-to-right navigation to select the resident, visit, and function. Scroll to view all residents in a single grid instead of paging.NETSOL-2881
Revisions397786PDPM score shows only when a resident payor is PDPM – The system has been updated to show the correct information when a payor/plan is changed from PDPM to non-PDPM. Previously, if the resident’s primary payor for a census segment was ever PDPM (the plan had method C030), the program was assuming a PDPM plan throughout the period and tried to find a PDPM code. If no code was found, it displayed the default ZZZZZ code. This issue has been corrected throughout the system. On the Snapshot pages, the Level of Care column on the Census Information panel will now show the appropriate score, PDPM or RUG, based on the resident’s plan for each segment. On the resident Reimbursement Table page, the Continue PDPM Day Count from Plan dropdown will now only show plans for the correct dates when they are PDPM. The following reports have been updated to show the correct information when such changes occur: Census Days; Census Days by Casemix; Daily Rate Schedule; PDPM Monthly Reimbursement; Resident Bed Analysis; and Resident Ledger.NETSOL-3620
402019The primary diagnosis for converted prospects – When a prospect with a primary diagnosis is converted to an active resident (inpatient or outpatient), the Primary indicator for the diagnosis is now carried over to that resident (ADT Snapshot > ICD-10 Diagnoses) when the Default Diagnosis Information checkbox is selected during the New Visit process. Previously, the Primary indicator did not carry over for the diagnosis once the prospect was made active.NETSOL-4079
403984Physician Orders – You can now convert a prospect to a resident if they have a physician order with more than two admins with time values.NETSOL-4335
APRevisions403514Void check note shows in Check Inquiry and on the report. When an entry is made in the Note field on the Void AP Check page (Accounts Payable > Void Checks), the note will now show in Check Inquiry on the Check Details tab and also on the Void Cancel Stop Checks Report (Reports > Month End Reporting). Previously, if a note was entered on the Void AP Check page, it could not be viewed elsewhere in the program.NETSOL-4268
AREnhancements399544Collection note – You can now add a collection note to a newly admitted resident once a payor/plan is added to the reimbursement table. Previously, charges had to be calculated before a note could be added.NETSOL-3628
401627Create multiple GL files for export – A new GL Product option of “NS GL Multi Files” is available on the GL General Parameters Detail page (Settings > A/R > Receivables > GL Parameters Detail). When this option is selected, separate GL export files will be created based on the first two digits of the GL account number.NETSOL-4007
BillingEnhancements400915Define how far back users can trigger retro – NetSolutions now enables you to define how far back each user can trigger retroactive processing in the NS RCM applications. On the Users page (Settings > Security Manager > Users), there is a new dropdown field on the Information panel for Limit for Retroactivity, with the choices of 1 Year or No limit.NETSOL-3867
Revisions388662PA Medicaid billing – A change was made to allow paper claims that include both facility and coinsurance days to show an additional 0100 line on the claim for the coinsurance days and to include an X2 condition code.  NETSOL-3838
399025Journal Summary out of balance error – An issue sometimes occurred when calculating charges that resulted in a Journal Summary Out of Balance error during the month-end close. The issue occurred when a private copay amount was split due to a change in the treatment authorization code. When the amounts for each bill work were rounded, it resulted in adding one cent (.01) to the total, causing the out-of-balance issue. This could be viewed on the Resident Ledger report. The program has been updated to ensure that any rounding maintains the correct total amount. NETSOL-3579
401169Calculate Charges diagnosis validation – When you run Calculate Charges with the Validate Diagnoses checkbox selected, the validation process will now account for any resident discharge date. For example, when checking for inactive diagnoses, an error will no longer display if the diagnosis was inactivated after the resident was discharged. When looking for a more specific diagnosis, the program will only identify diagnoses with a start date prior to the resident’s discharge date.NETSOL-3904
402671Medicare No Pay claim for Medicare Advantage resident – Previously when a Medicare No Pay claim was required for a Medicare Advantage resident, the No Pay claim was not correct when the resident had an Interrupted Stay. This issue is resolved. (90910/402671) 4137

5/26/21 – 7.4.1
403298UB Data Entry – In UB Data Entry (Billing > Bills > UB Data Entry), the claim now shows the correct UB data entry based on the claim start and end dates. Previously, the claim always showed the most recent UB entry regardless of the dates specified.NETSOL-4222
DashboardRevisions398306Key Performance Indicator detail dialog – In the Facility Dashboard, when you click a KPI and open the Key Performance Indicator detail dialog and then click the blue column heading for HR #, the records in the grid are now re-sorted in the correct HR# numeric order if the checkbox is selected for Numeric only HR# in the Facility-General Parameters panel (Settings menu > General > Facility > General Parameters). When clicking the Print link, the report will print the records in the same order as they are displayed on the screen. Previously, the program did not check for the General Parameters setting, which caused the HR# records to sort based on alphanumeric numbering.NETSOL-3598
403271Dashboard – You can now add KPIs for Vitals even if the system doesn’t include PO.NETSOL-4224
eAssignmentsEnhancements368804eAssignments attachment to general message – You may now add an attachment to a general message. In Product Options, define which users(s) will receive an alert message when the General Documents table becomes low on space.NETSOL-2786
Revisions403602eAssignment messages – UDA eAssignment messages were not being sent to selected security groups. This has been corrected.NETSOL-4295
eChartingEnhancements400761Enter PRN results until an administration is archived – The PRN results feature has been updated to provide more time for entry of order results. When a PRN order is documented as administered in eCharting, its results become due after 30 minutes, and the PRN Results link, which is available in eCharting, Physician Orders, eAssignment, and Progress Notes, is enabled. Previously, this link remained enabled for up to 30 days after the order was documented. Now, the link will remain enabled until the order is archived.NETSOL-3846
FundsRevisions398744Fund Overspend Limit – In the Fund Maintenance dialog (Funds menu > Resident Fund Info > select Funds $$ icon), the Overspend Limit fields now work correctly. An overspend limit is required on each fund. It can be entered manually in the dialog in the Overspend Limit field. It can also be entered on the fund type (Settings > Funds > Fund Type) and in the Fund Facility Profile (Settings > Funds > Facility). If a value is entered on the fund type or facility, it displays in the Fund Maintenance dialog in the Default Overspend Limit field and an entry in the Overspend Limit field is optional. The program looks first for a manual entry, then a default entry from the fund type, and finally a default entry from the facility profile. If all are blank and you attempt to save in the Fund Maintenance dialog, a validation message displays and you must enter an overspend limit.NETSOL-3581
400561Fund Type dropdown on Sweeps page – On the Sweeps page (Funds menu > Sweeps), the Fund Type dropdown now displays each fund type just once instead of twice.NETSOL-3839
GLEnhancements399044Journal Entry (NEW design) – The new JE design provides intuitive workflow and an improved grid system with enhanced filtering and sorting. Single screen entry reduces data entry time and errors. You can now add and view JE attachments.NETSOL-3539
Revisions404667Bank Reconciliation Report – This report now runs without error. Previously, the report did not complete due to recent programming changes. This has been fixed.NETSOL-4466
ImmunizationEnhancements400647Send immunizations via interface – Facilities in Pennsylvania are now able to send immunizations via interface to the state registry. NETSOL-3835
401972Add immunization record – The immunization record now saves correctly when the Influenza vaccine is selected. Previously, the program wasn’t performing the necessary validations to save the record to the database. Also, the Dose field has been relabeled to Injection # and allows an integer value of 1, 2, or 3. The Immunization Record report and the Event HiEnhancements report now show the relabeled Injection # field.NETSOL-4234
Revisions401972Add immunization record – The immunization record now saves correctly when the Influenza vaccine is selected. Previously, the program wasn’t performing the necessary validations to save the record to the database. Also, the Dose field has been relabeled to Injection # and allows an integer value of 1, 2, or 3. The Immunization Record report and the Event HiEnhancements report now show the relabeled Injection # field.NETSOL-4029
InterfaceEnhancements400669CCDA receiving interface implemented for BHS MassHiway – These files are received via DSM and imported into eDocuments using matching criteria based on requests of the facility and industry standards.NETSOL-4082
401032NJII request for sending/receiving ADT and CCDA files is underway – Interface setup allows sending ACRS/ADT information to NJHIN via NJII. Phase 2 will include sending/receiving CCDA via DSM.NETSOL-3880
Revisions399718EPI number – This field in the NS database is used by certain interfaces and is not available through the application. By default, the field is NULL; it can only be updated by incoming HL7 messages. NetSolutions has been updated to ensure the EPI number will either be blank (NULL) or an integer; it will not be zero. If an incoming message has a 0 (zero) in the PID-2 element (EPI number), NetSolutions will now set it to blank/NULL in the database. In outgoing messages, if the EPI database field contains a 0, the PID-2 element will be set to blank.NETSOL-3659
402743Race field in HL7 – If no value is received in the race field of an HL7 message, NetSolutions will now retain the existing race value.NETSOL-4283
IPNRevisions401500IPN Library Summary (Service Notes Library Summary) – In the Import/Export IPN Library dialog (Settings > Clinical > IPN Library > Import/Export IPN Library link), you can now import an IPN Library that contains an apostrophe in the Care Plan (Service Plan) Library or Care Plan Problem. A message will display to indicate if the import was successful and will state the reason if the import failed. Previously, the import failed if an apostrophe was present in the import library and no message was displayed.NETSOL-3970
KardexEnhancements400126Kardex (NEW) – Improve care with an easy-to-read view of resident-specific needs with priority identification and alert notification. The new Kardex is accessible through the Charting menu, Point of Care, and Quicklinks.
NDC#Regulatory399848NDC update for 2nd Quarter 2021 – This NetSolutions release includes the NDC update for the 2nd quarter of 2021. The NDC library is updated automatically when you download and install NS 7.4.1 using the NSMC. The NDC update can also be run using the NDC Update utility. For more information, see the NDC Update Utility user guide on The Insider under NetSolutions Training Guides \ Utilities.NETSOL-3682
POCEnhancements400125New Point of Care menu options – Prior/old user interface modules are labeled as “Classic” (Charting > Point of Care), with the option to use either interface until the utility is run to remove the “Classic” view.  NETSOL-4238
Point of Care (NEW design) – Easily navigate a guided workflow for improved management and usability. View the enhanced worklist, the history/strikeout screen, ADL guidance slide-outs, and more. Choose from a new icon library and select your own color.NETSOL-3733
ReportsEnhancements398357Monthly Census report shows PDPM score – For residents with a PDPM primary payor, the report now shows the payor code followed by the first four letters of the PDPM score. If a PDPM score cannot be found, ZZZZ will display. Previously, the report showed the payor code followed by PDPM and the score did not display.NETSOL-3467
Revisions400874Legacy Collection Notes – On this page (AR > Legacy Collections > Collection Notes), when you enter a collection note, the program automatically saves the logged-in user’s name as the “entered by” user. A facility reported that the Entered field on many records was empty in their database and therefore was also empty on their Collection Notes user report. The save routine on the page has been updated to ensure that the Entered field is populated and saved properly.NETSOL-3910
402957Nursing Summary-Active report and Nursing Summary Discharged 2 report – When you select these user reports on the User Reports page and click View Report, the criteria page now opens. Previously, a database connection error occurred. NETSOL-4223
404687Next Physician Visit report – This report now runs without error (Reports > Census Reports > ADT). Previously, the program errored if there was a long facility DBA name.NETSOL-4468
SecurityEnhancements401331Forgot Username/Password – When this link has been set up to display on the NetSolutions Sign In page (Settings > Security Manager > Settings > Password Policy > Enable Forgot my Password), and you click it to indicate you forgot your password, the temporary password in the auto-generated email no longer contains a space at the end. Previously, the space was sometimes unintentionally included during the copy and paste process, and the Sign In screen would indicate incorrect login information.NETSOL-3997
SystemRevisions401757Account utility – Information now displays correctly for the resident on the Accounts Snapshot page when returning from the Account utility’s reimbursement table or days/dollars information (Accounts menu > Snapshot > Account Utility > Reimb Table link or Days/Dollars link). Previously, after closing the window, an error occurred when returning to the Accounts Snapshot.NETSOL-4015
402228CVEXTRES utility – This resident import utility (Settings tab > Tools > Utilities) has been modified to discharge the resident when a discharge date is specified in the import file. Previously, the discharge date in the file was not being read by the program.NETSOL-4063
403052ALIGN Survey Extract – The ALIGN Survey Extract (Reports > Custom Reports) has been modified to replace any quotes in the exported text fields with double quotes so the file is delimited properly when imported into the ALIGN application. Previously, if a data field being exported contained quotes, it would cause the data to be imported into the wrong fields or the import to fail altogether.NETSOL-4194
404121Home Page – The facility name now displays at the top of the Home Page.NETSOL-4346
UDAEnhancements376619Set up assessments to pull data forward from the resident’s previous assessment – User Defined Assessments has been enhanced to pull data forward from the resident’s previous assessment. You can now set up an assessment template to pull data forward into specific fields.NETSOL-1415
Revisions401960UDAs imported into a new facility – On the Facility Defined Templates page (Settings > Clinical > Assessments > UDA Templates), when viewing imported templates or designing a new template following a UDA import from another facility, unintended sections from other templates will no longer be carried over. Previously, this could occur if the database used for the import contained orphaned records. The program has been updated to ignore those records.NETSOL-4033
Physician OrderEnhancements398614Order Change HiEnhancements shows changed time values – Time value changes for orders now show on the Order Change HiEnhancements dialog. In the D/C Reason or Time Change column, the original “From” time values are shown above the changed “To” time values.NETSOL-3609
399293Search for diagnosis by name when you build your Physicians Orders – You can now search for diagnosis by name in the Physician Order build screen without using the search library icon. Previously, only the ICD10 numerical code search was enabled. NETSOL-3588
Revisions396404Time Code/Days field – In the Order Detail dialog for a med order, when you enter a valid time code into this field, it now saves correctly with the corresponding time value displayed to the right of the field. Previously, if you typed in a valid time code instead of using the auto-search dropdown or the Search dialog, and then clicked Build Order without having first exited the Time Code/Days field, the order was saved but the Time value displayed as *no time values entered. NETSOL-3123
399887Hourly frequency option cannot be used with PRN codes – On the Administrations panel in the Order Detail dialog, if you select a PRN code in the Time Code field, you can no longer select the Hourly option in the Frequency Options dialog. These settings contradict each other and caused orders to display incorrectly in eCharting. If you attempt to build the order text on such an order, a message will display rejecting this combination. All other frequency options are allowed with a PRN code.NETSOL-3711
401151Physician orders with an ampersand in linked vaccine name – In Physician Orders, when adding a new order to a resident (Charting > Physician Orders) and the order is linked to a vaccine containing an ampersand (&) in the Vaccine field of the Vaccine Master (Settings > Clinical > Physician Orders > Vaccine Master), the order now saves correctly. Previously, an error message was displayed, for example, if the linked vaccine was Johnson & Johnson/Janssen.NETSOL-3969
402114Auto-populate PO with attending physician name – When adding a physician order to a prospect with a future estimated admission date, the attending physician for the prospect is now correctly pulled in as the prescribing physician. Previously, the program was looking for a “current” attending physician without considering future dates. This auto-populate feature is available for Physician Orders in Settings > General > Facility > Product Options. NETSOL-4124
402716PO Standard Orders after an import – Descriptive text groups are now assigned correctly to standard orders (Settings > Clinical > Physician Orders > PO Standard Orders) following a Physician Order import (Settings > Clinical > Physician Orders > Import/Export Master). Previously, there was a mapping issue when importing into an empty database. The program will now reorder the descriptive text items so they import correctly.NETSOL-4134
402855Physician Order import – PO master files will now import into an empty database without error, i.e. when importing into a new facility from an existing one.NETSOL-4162