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Last month, Experience Care released its latest updates to its financial management software, which include UX screens that significantly reduce the number of clicks required to enter invoices.

According to a survey conducted by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, workflow is the top pain point for clinicians using an EHR (electronic health record). Knowing this, Experience Care has continued to develop its screen designs in accordance with user experience(UX).

Previously, in its financial management software, Experience Care users would only be able to see about twenty invoices on the screen. They would then have to click on the page numbers at the bottom to see more entries. Further, users would have to click to find vendors, again to enter invoice dates and amounts, then to save, and finally add a new distribution.

In the latest version of Experience Care’s accounts payable module, though, users can remain on one page, easily view details of invoices, and label items as appropriate. As a result, users are saving significant time each day. “The new design of the invoice entry screen is making our internal workflow so much easier,” said Megan Tucker, the financial accounting supervisor of Farewell Care and Rehabilitation Center in Farewell, Texas. “When I’m actually in the invoice entry mode, it’s saving me a good hour per day.”

Tucker found the process of entering invoices to be both more convenient and more accurate. “On this new user design, they made it possible to attach a PDF version of the invoice and then click in right from the invoice entry screen and see those distributions in one click,” she said. And because she can now change the status to ready to pay, she no longer has to “go digging through the vendor record” or worry about accidentally editing the wrong invoice.

Other features of the software should help facilities drastically improve the speed and accuracy of their documentation. For instance, Tucker said of the fixed assets module, which automatically tracks depreciating assets, “It makes for more accurate financials and it saves me, personally, a ton of time.”

If you would like to give Experience Care’s financial management software a test drive, you can book a demo here.

About Experience Care LLC: Founded in 1969, Experience Care LLC provides electronic health records, revenue cycle management, and financial systems to skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, continuing care retirement communities, long-term acute care, and other long-term care organizations in the U.S. Experience Care’s mission is to make every long-term care organization a fulfilling place to live and work by helping maximize financial success and compliance to achieve the best teams, care, and outcomes.

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