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As you may already know a federal tag (or F-tag) number corresponds to a specific regulation within the Code of Federal Regulations. For example, “F880” refers to the regulation requiring nursing facilities to implement and follow infection prevention and control policies. These F-tags are given to facilities that breach care compliance standards.

We know how important staying compliant with regulations, and care standards is. That is why, Experience Care has curated a list of F-tag resources that facilities can utilize to guide their staff, prevent F-tags, and understand the survey process better. This includes a sortable F-tag spreadsheet, 2021 updated F-tag codes, nursing home deficiency trends, FAQs for nursing home enforcement, and 12 other such resources by the CMS and other accredited sources.

1. 2021 Updated F-tag codes (Updated 06/21/21) – Website

Updated in June of 2021, this document contains all the F-tag codes. It is essential that all staff understand this document, as it affects reimbursements and patient care.

2. Sortable F-tag Spreadsheet – Downloadable Excel File

CMS resource that is very useful to help sort F-tags for LTC facilities. 

3. Manual for SNF Survey and Enforcement Process (Issued January 01, 2020) – PDF

This document from the CMS provides detailed guidelines on the Surveying and Enforcement Process for SNFs. It is useful as it provides all details on the process of how F-tags are issued, things to watch out for, and how to implement F-tag program management. 

4. Special Focus Facility Program (Updated August 2021) – PDF

This document from the CMS discusses the SFF program which is for facilities that have more deficiencies than usual. The document states that most nursing homes have some deficiencies, with the average being 6-7 deficiencies per inspection.

5. Guide on Activities related to F-tags and their Definitions (Updated 6/10/21) – Website

This document names and explains each F-tag in detail according to the CMS and gives examples of activities related to each F-tag.

6. Nursing Home Deficiency Trends – Website

With COVID-19 essentially wiping out trending models established prior to 2020, this article outlines key areas of reform and where we might see the Skilled – and Long Term Care settings in 2021 and beyond.

7. Top 10 Deficiencies of 2021 (Updated 03/03/2021) – Website

LeadingAge analyzed the top 10 survey citations from 2021, from focused infection control surveys. This blog also describes each deficiency in detail and provides tips on how to fix them.

8. Guide for Nursing Home 5-Star Quality Rating System (Updated January 2021) – Website

This technical user’s guide from CMS on the 5-star quality rating system in nursing homes provides insight into the survey process and how everything is rated. This is important, as it will help facilities better understand the process so they can improve on areas they are not doing so well in.

9. Average Number of Deficiencies per Certified Nursing Facility (Updated yearly) – Website

A great tool from KFF that provides statistics on each state and its average number of deficiencies.

10. Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment Program (Updated 8/20/21) – Website

This webpage from the CMS explains CMP and provides some useful sources. The CMP is a monetary penalty for any nursing facilities that do not comply with the Medicare and Medicaid compliances.

11. Find and Compare LTC Facilities Near you (Updates constantly through year) – Website

This resource by the CMS lets you look up any nursing home and gives you details on its quality ratings and even shows penalties/F-tags the homes may be facing. 

12. FAQs Nursing Home Enforcement (Updated 2/11/2020) – PDF

This document contains frequently asked questions on enforcement in nursing homes. There are questions on how to document deficiencies, what determines the scope, severity of deficiencies, etc. A great resource to share with an employee who has questions on enforcement in nursing homes

13. LTC Deficiencies State-by-State Breakdown (Updated July 2021) – Website

This webpage by ProPublica contains lots of data on nursing home deficiencies by state, the total costs of penalties the state may be facing, and even contains a breakdown on specific nursing homes in each state.