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Organizing your medication management shouldn’t have to be frustrating or time-consuming. Experience Care’s physician orders module allows nurses and physicians to access, extract, and share physician orders more efficiently and accurately

We’ve dedicated countless hours in our user group sessions to understanding why some nursing home management software systems are still inefficient, allow for medical errors, have poor workflows, and limit care coordination between healthcare providers. As a result of those conversations, we developed a new physician orders module with streamlined processes for data management, upgraded features for better usability, and enhancements to our charting software, allowing for better-organized order entries. 

Physician using a tablet to enter physician orders
A nurse uses a tablet to access the physician orders module.

Some of the changes we’ve made are: 

  • Improved display screen for medication and resident information 
  • More noticeable alert warnings to inform medical staff of status changes  
  • More convenient signing process for hard signatures
  • Enhanced user-friendly features to enter and access medication information 
  • More integration with the current long term care software 
  • Improved design with more flexibility and personalization   

Meanwhile, some of the new features of our physician orders module are:

  • A new griding system – On account of a new and intuitive design, our grid system allows for better filtering and sorting of physician orders. Doctors and nurses can now easily add and find resident data with clear and well-organized columns showing the most crucial medication information, including:
    • Status
    • Order name
    • Discharge status
    • Order history
Physician Orders summary pages displaying the improved data management screen.
Our Physician Orders module streamlines processes for better data management.
Select Actions button enables multiple options so medical staff can pick the appropriate action conveniently.
After clicking “Select Actions,” you will be presented with multiple options.
  • Select Actions – Physicians and nurses now have the capacity to select different actions by clicking on the enhanced “Select Actions” button. This button gives them multiple options to continue, cancel, discharge or renew an order. Medical staff simply need to select the appropriate action, conveniently located in the dropdown box, without the need to change their screen or window, allowing for a smoother workflow. 
  • Slideout Tabs – Navigating physician orders couldn’t be more convenient with our easy-to-access sidebar tabs. We have changed the layout by moving vital physician order information from the bottom of the page to the left as three slideout tabs. These are visible in every physician order, allowing for easy access to the eSign Order Manager, Clinical Demographics, and Clinical Decision Support information while working with each and every resident. So physicians and nurses can now change or confirm orders on one screen. 
The left-side slideout tabs allow for easy and convenient navigation.
Slideout tabs allow for easy and convenient navigation.
  • New Order Summary – Our new order summary has been upgraded to provide a cleaner and more organized workflow. Physicians and nurses can now click on a physician order to see the order details with left to right navigation. The easy-to-access toolbar also allows for a single selection. This is conveniently shown on the same screen so that medical staff does not need to waste time going back and forth between screens.
The new order summary page is cleaner and better organized to improve workflow.
The new order summary is sleeker and better organized.
  • State-of-the-art cart system – This cutting-edge feature allows physicians and nurses to auto-build a “cart” of orders. It follows an accessible format using the new grid system to see and select individual cart items. Each cart item is clearly labeled and organized in the “orders cart” column. After physicians have selected individual items for a resident’s cart, they will review their “cart orders” before hitting “process” to ensure the correct cart items are selected. Some key features include:
    • Easy flow buttons for order type
    • Quick column filtering
    • Familiar cart workflow for processing
    • Full-screen display
    • Ability to select pending and pause statuses 
The cart system pages follows an accessible format using a new state-of-the-art grid system to see and select individual cart items.
The cart system follows an accessible format to see and select individual cart items.
  • Surescripts – One of our latest developments is in our Surescripts for Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPC). Thanks to our new partnership with Dosespot – we can authorize physicians to prescribe controlled substances electronically. This means that physicians and nurses can actively enter narcotic orders into the long term care software, which is pushed to the pharmacy that confirms and accepts the order. Some additional features of Surescripts include:
    • Innovative eSigning technology that allows physicians to sign off on narcotic medication through our partner, Dosespot. 
    • The safe and secure storage of records on Doesport and Experience Care’s long term care EHR software, thus ensuring no orders are lost or mishandled. 
    • New secondary authentication through the Duo app to ensure that all medication prescriptions are verified before prescribing
    • Quick, safe, and convenient process for physicians and nurses to prescribe narcotic medication
Surescripts page displays the new Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substance orders.
Surescripts allows for Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances.

Optimal Tools for Personalized Physician Orders 

The physician orders summary page is the powerhouse of displaying information and connecting the necessary tools needed for precision and accessibility. Unfortunately, some long term care software systems fail to provide a descriptive text box that sufficiently addresses their needs. Even worse, some industry specialists have shared with us that they do not understand the function of the descriptive text box, let alone how to utilize it. 

So we decided to enhance the elusive descriptive text box and rename it “Additional Information.” This clarifies to users that they can include any additional information about their residents’ orders in this area. We also improved our multi-administration tabs so physicians and nurses can now add and personalize new administrative information to an existing order rather than starting a whole new order. This enables users to view any supporting information, like step-down orders, on the same screen. This allows easy access to information and organized data. Some other key features include:

  • Easier add admin workflow
  • Quick view of administrations in auto-build order text
  • Easier add supporting documentation needed for compliance (previously known as “descriptive text”)

Improve Your Method of Processing Physician Orders 

Experience Care has made it a priority to help long term care facilities streamline their physician orders so that clinicians can spend more time caring for their residents. Thus, it is now easier than ever to enter and find information in our physician orders module. Our new order functions not only provide better visibility for past order histories, but the new and improved order summary screen is significantly better organized with a larger screen so physicians can access any orders with the easy-to-navigate tabs. This means physicians and nurses can automatically move between columns without changing or scrolling back and forth onto different screens.