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During my software career, I’ve had the opportunity to work in a number of industries that have been built around communities of caring, passionate people. In all those industries; science and engineering, nonprofit, association, public health, public safety, and healthcare; the professionals in the industry have worked together to share ideas, insights, and best practices.

Too often many of the vendors that served them had a different philosophy – they knew best, they had ALL the right technology, they made it hard for systems to connect and share data. As I look back and around, I see that the industries that thrived and the vendors that thrived embraced partnership and interoperability in their technology. Many could (tried to) provide an all-in-one solution, but those that were most successful were not threatened by letting customers pick best-in-breed or their preferred vendor for other parts of the solution.

While healthcare has some unique challenges with protecting health information, many vendors have turned that into an excuse to hamstring their customers.

At Cantata Health, we take a different view – we embrace partnerships with both our clients and with other technology and solution providers. We don’t believe that one-size fits all. We believe that through partnership we can be better together than we could be trying to go it alone.

To that end, we’re focusing more time and resources in two areas. First, the expansion of our Exchange platform. Exchange is an interoperability platform that allows us to help bring disparity systems and data together to improve our client’s efficiency, efficacy, and at the end of the day help improve the health of the communities they serve.

Second, is the expansion of our partner program. We have already announced partnerships with many leading providers such as WoundRounds, DartChart, ABILITY Networks, Medsphere, and others that will make it easier for our client’s and their systems to integrate and share data to support their healthcare and business goals. We will be expanding these relationships and adding other partners in the weeks and months ahead. We believe partnering and collaborating, even when we might have features and functionality that might compete in the market place can make us all better. For the industry and the community we serve, we believe that “coopetition” creates more choice, drives innovation, and lowers costs over time. Even more important it can improve patient and resident outcomes –and at the end of the day that is why the people we serve selected careers in healthcare in the first place.