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LevelUp is an online electronic health record training course launched by Experience Care. The online course is meant for nurses and other professionals in long term care and is intended to help alleviate the current staffing crisis by providing free EHR training. Although courses are specifically geared towards Experience Care’s NetSolutions system, the knowledge gained will help nurses understand how to refine their workflows and improve their long term care processes to get the most out of any EHR.

From eCharting to Accounts Receivable Payments, our EHR tutorial, LevelUp, has hundreds of lessons for long term care professionals, with Experience Care adding more each month. Courses can take up to one hour to complete, depending on the complexity. The courses are available 24/7 and can be taken anytime, depending on the nurses’ availability.

Why is EHR Training Necessary for SNFs and Nursing Homes?

An EHR can save SNFs time, money, and resources if the nurses understand all its features and how to use them correctly. In contrast, if the staff does not understand an EHR’s features, some of the features which would have automated a process will go unused. Hence, more time is spent performing a task.

EHR systems result in greater operational efficiency for SNFs, which can reduce costs. In addition, when the nursing staff is trained in the proper use of an EHR, they maximize the use of the EHR, resulting in cost savings year after year for the nursing home.

An EHR tutorial will help your staff better use the software you have.

Accurate Documentation and Coding

A lack of proper EHR training can result in documentation errors, which can put patients at risk. According to the National Library of Medicine, one of the challenges experienced by nurses is poor record-keeping. This increases medico-legal risks and hinders the tracking of clinical care goals and care decisions.

EHR training teaches nurses and other long term care professionals how to take notes quickly and accurately and avoid mistakes. Also, training helps nurses understand an EHR’s automated coding functions, ensuring accurate billing and more reimbursements for the nursing home.

Efficiency and Productivity

EHRs centralize patient data, reduce the need for manual data entry, automate processes, and enhance communication between healthcare service providers. EHR training ensures that staff are efficient in the use of the EHR and reduce manual work practices. This results in increased productivity in SNFs and nursing homes, as nurses can complete tasks faster. Experience Care offers a case study on how an EHR financial system was able to save users hundreds of hours annually.

User Satisfaction

If nurses don’t understand how to use an EHR, frustration, stress, and burnout will ultimately occur. This user dissatisfaction can result in inaccurate health records, affecting the care of residents in nursing homes. According to an article published in Applied Clinical Informatics, staff who receive less than four hours of EHR training reported being frustrated with their experience using an EHR. Meanwhile, when nurses receive EHR training, they are more comfortable with the software and reported user satisfaction increases.

Maintaining High Morale

By thoroughly training your staff on using your EHR, your nurses will no longer dread using it. A study by BMC Medical Informatics showed that EHRs often face resistance from nurses. Some of the factors influencing the levels of resistance in nurses include:

  • Resistance to change by the nurse 
  • Perceived usefulness of the  long term care EHR
  • Perceived value of the EHR
  • Colleague’s opinions
  • Perceived ease of use and
  • Organizational support for change

Proper EHR training will enable nurses to understand all of the EHR features, making its implementation and use easy, and increasing work efficiency. This will result in increased morale and job satisfaction.

6 Ways LevelUp Makes EHR Training Easy

1.   It Removes the Cost of EHR Training

Our EHR tutorial can be watched on any device.
A free EHR tutorial is a major advantage for long term care facilities.

According to the Office of Policy Development and Research, Medicaid and Medicare pay for the majority of long term care. Nursing homes and other long term care facilities get reimbursed for how much they spend caring for their residents (medications, treatments, therapy). However, EHR training, which may be costly, is not considered as part of the reimbursements. This is why free online training is so valuable.

2.   It Can Be Used From All Devices

LevelUp courses can be accessed from PC, Mac, iPhone, Linux, and Android devices. That means that your nurses can use the devices with which they are most familiar, preventing mistakes and removing one barrier from their path to learning how to use the EHR. Further, this will save your facility money as well. Long term care professionals will not need to change their devices, and nursing homes do not need to buy new devices for use. As long as the device allows for internet access and browsing, long term care professionals can access the free LevelUp courses.

3.   Courses Can Be Customized Based On Roles

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Different roles in a nursing home require the use of different modules in an EHR. LevelUp allows users to choose their role in the nursing home, and a selection of courses based on the modules they will need to use will be selected for them. As a result, users don’t have to spend time deciding what courses they need to take, as their role automatically determines the courses they need to take.

4.   Lessons Come In Both Video and Written Format

Some people learn better through video tutorials. Others prefer written material that they can read and use as a reference. LevelUp offers both formats in the lesson, enabling users to learn at their own pace. Additionally, if a user completes a course, they can revisit the lessons, or go through the entire course again.

5.   Tests Are Given at the End Of Each Lesson

When a nurse completes a lesson, they are provided with a test to gauge their level of understanding. This is done for each lesson throughout the course. Then, at the end of the course, a final test is provided. The test covers all the lessons, and if the user passes, they are awarded a certificate of completion. If a user fails any test, they can re-take it at any time.

6.   Multiple Invites

An administrator can send out multiple invites to nursing staff in a nursing home. This allows for numerous nurses in the same facility to simultaneously sign up for the LevelUp online training. In addition, the administrator can keep track of their learning progress.

Best Practices When Using LevelUp’s Online EHR Tutorial

Your staff can go back and rewatch our EHR tutorial as needed.
  • Include hands-on training: It is best for nurses to practice what they learn in their online EHR tutorial on an actual EHR. This helps to make practical use of the learned information, and practice helps them not forget what they have learned.
  • Collaborate with workplace leaders: Depending on the nursing home, some roles may require nurses to learn about additional EHR features. Hence, nurses and other long term care staff should work closely with their workplace leaders to determine what other courses they may need to take. This is in addition to the already recommended courses.
  • Take notes: Note-taking is an essential part of the learning process. Nurses and other long term care staff should not forget to do this as they take their LevelUp online courses.
  • Revisit the training: If need be, nurses and other long term care staff should review the material from their online training, especially when changing roles in the same nursing home or moving to a different role in a new nursing home.
  • Move at a comfortable pace: Don’t rush. Nurses should learn at the pace at which they are most comfortable. The goal is to understand how to efficiently and effectively use the LTC software, not to finish the course quickly.

Quick FAQs About LevelUp’s Online Training

How long does it take to complete a course? 

Some courses are more complex and therefore longer than others. Most courses can, however, be completed in under an hour.

When do the courses begin?

Level Up Care Courses are available 24/7 all year through.

Who should take NetSolutions’ Learning center Courses? 

Everyone who uses the nursing home software at your facility. We have role-specific courses to ensure that all staff members at any long-term care facility access relevant and valuable courses.

Can I take more than a course at a time?

Yes, you can have as many courses in progress as you’d like. However, if you are new to online learning, we recommend that you begin by taking one course at a time.

How do I enroll? 

To sign up, visit and enter your information. If your team has already an account contact your facility administrator, and they can add you to the team. Once you’ve been added, just set up your profile, and you’ll be ready to start your first course.

Is there any cost for the course? 

No. Both the course attendance and the certifications are free for all your facility’s staff members.

Does my progress save if I leave the platform?

Yes, all of your completed lessons and quizzes will automatically save for you to pick up where you left off.

Do I need specific equipment or devices to take the courses?

No. You can access and take the Experience Care courses from any device. All you need is an internet connection and your password to log in.

What if I don’t find the answers to my questions within the lessons?

If you still have unanswered questions, the NetSolutions support team will give you one-on-one assistance should you need it. Feel free to contact support for additional guidance.

What happens after I complete my course? 

Well done! Now you can get your certificate, apply your new skills, work independently, and simplify your day.

Can the course certifications help me advance my career?

Our certificates of completion represent your knowledge and dedication to providing the best care in the most efficient ways. Whether it’s within your current position or in a new one, certifications can help you take your career to the next level.

Will my course results be shared?

Your facility supervisor will be notified when you complete a course.

Will I be able to apply what I learn to another SNF software?

Though LevelUp’s courses are specifically geared toward the NetSolutions system, the knowledge you gain will help you gain a broader perspective on refining your workflows and improving your processes to get the most out of any long term care EHR.

Elijah Oling Wanga